Decision Day, UC Davis Physics, April 8, 2017

Decision UC Davis at the Physics Department

Below is the list of stops in the Physics Department for Decision UC Davis, April 8, 2017. Check back, as information is being added continuously.

Faculty Location Time
Prof. Patricia Boeshaar – Astrophysics Physics 233 11:30am-3pm
Prof. Daniel Cox – Biological Physics Physics 416 11:30am-3pm (in and out)
Prof. Rena Zieve – Condensed Matter Experiment Physics 243/232 11:30am-3pm
Prof. Warren Pickett – Condensed Matter Theory Physics 427  11:30
Prof. Richard Scalettar – Condensed matter theory, Physics demonstrations Physics Atrium  11:30-3
Prof. Mani Tripathi – High Energy Experiment Physics 373 11:30-1
Prof. Robin Erbacher – High Energy Experiment Physics 373 11:30-1
Research Labs/ Graduate and Undergrad Researchers Location Time
Prof. Curro’s Condensed Matter (nuclear magnetic resonance, unconventional superconductivity.) Grads students: Blaine Bush Physics 282 11:30-1pm
Prof. Zieve Condensed Matter (Low-temperature physics, vortices in superfluid helium, frustrated magnetic materials.) Grad student: Zach Brubaker Physics 232 11:30-3pm
Prof. Dong Yu’s Condensed Matter (Nanowire/crystal synthesis & characterization. Fabrication/study of nanodevices, for imaging and photovoltaic devices.) Grad students: Yasen Hou and Rui Xiao Physics 96
Profs. Mani Tripathi, Robin Erbacher High Energy Experiment Grad Student: James Morad Physics 373 11:30-1pm
Profs. Manuel Calderon and Daniel Cebra: Nuclear Physics Group/Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions. Grad student: Chad Flores Physics 391/395 11:30-3pm
Cox Biophysics Group Graduate Students: Amanda Parker Physics 384 11:30-3
Students & Staff Location Time
Undergraduates Physics 388 (the Physics Undergrad Room) and various labs/rooms 11:30-3pm
Academic Advisor to Undergraduatess, Jason Sison Atrium, center of the building, first floor 10:30-3

Light refreshments will be out in the Physics Atrium (center of the building, first floor) starting at 10:30am.