Welcome to the Cox Group Web page!

We carry out research on theoretical biological physics, currently focusing on understanding the mechanism for mechanical degradation of the cytoskeleton of neurons in late stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and in self-assembly of proteins for possible applications to novel materials for energy.  We have access to a GPU cluster for state of the art, fast molecular dynamics simulations, and receive support from the US NSF and UC Davis for our research.

Prof. Cox co-directs the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter, a worldwide science network dedicated to elucidating the organizing principles for emergent phenomena in quantum matter, biological matter, soft matter, and in novel materials for sustainable energy.

NEWS: 1/16 – Krishna Ravikumar, Daniel Cox, and mentor Melbs Lemieux have been selected to participate in the NSF ICORPS Program

NEWS (4/27/15): Leonard Heinz, Krishna Ravikumar, and Daniel Cox have just gotten their paper “In silico measurements of twist and bend moduli
for beta solenoid protein self-assembly units” accepted for Nano Letters! (Update: 7/16/15- nice piece on the UC Davis office of Research web page discussing the work – http://research.ucdavis.edu/about-us/news-center/news-stories/answer)