Welcome to the Cox Group Web page!


We carry out research on theoretical biological physics, currently focusing on

  • Self-assembly of beta solenoid proteins for applications to detection of and protection from viral threats in collaboration with Prof. Michael Toney and via startup company Protein Architects Corporation
  • Biophysical models of the cell plate during plant cell formation, supported by the US NSF in collaboration with Prof. Georgia Drakakaki
  • Modeling how degradation by neurodegenerative diseases affects the neural networks involved in sensing (olfaction and auditory localization) and navigation (grid cells).


May 2020: Our first plant biology paper, A Biophysical Model for Plant Cell Plate Development, led by Zaki Jawaid in collaboration with Prof. Georgia Drakakaki and Rosalie Sinclair, has been submitted to Biophysical Journal and posted on biorxiv.

Winter 2020; Congratulations to Jiacheng Xu for completing his general/admission to candidacy exam!

January 2020: Congratulations to Jiacheng Xu for participating in the prestigious IBRO-Simons Summer School on Neuroscience

Summer 2020: Congratulations to Yuduo Zhi and Muhammad Zaki Jawaid for passing their general/admission to candidacy exams!

Spring 2020: Congratulations to Kendall Berry and Anandita De for passing their general/admission to candidacy exams!

9/20/18 – Rachel Baarda, Tegan Mariunchuk, Michael Toney, and Daniel Cox have just gotten the paper “In silico Stress-Strain Measurements on Self-assembled Protein Lattices” published online in Soft Matter. Rachel Baarda prepared a figure that will be the cover art for the print edition of the journal!

News: 7/1/2018 – Dr. Cox is co-PI of US NSF MCB-1818219 “Dissecting molecular mechanisms of plant cytokinesis and cell plate development”, lead PI Prof. Georgia Drakakaki of UC Davis Plant Science. The work will focus on developing theoretical models of cell plate formation during plant cytokinesis.

News: 6/15/18 – Amanda Parker receives her PhD from UC Davis – dissertation title is: Molecular Dynamics Studies of the Mechanical Properties and
Self-Assembly of Beta-Solenoid Proteins
– Dr Parker is now a postdoctoral researcher at Syracuse University in the Department of Physics

News: 8/10/17 – Amanda Parker, Krishna Ravikumar, and Daniel L Cox have just gotten the paper “Molecular Dynamics-Based Strength Estimates of Beta-Solenoid Proteins” accepted in Soft Matter

8/9/17 Aaron Chan, who has volunteered in the group for 2+ years, is off to graduate study in biophysics at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign!

6/17-7/17 – Rachel Baarda and Amanda Parker have participated in the Cargese Summer School on Theoretical Biophysics!